Path of Chi Feng Shui - Beth A. Kuper
Your Consultation
Feng Shui Consultation: Your consultation begins with discussing and clarifying your intentions for your home and life. To make your home or office more comfortable and balanced, Beth gives you recommendations on harmonizing the chi (energy) flow, increasing prosperity, improving relationships, enhancing creativity, advancing your career, enriching reputation, and restoring health. You will receive a link to a digital recording of the consultation, along with a folder of handouts and diagrams to increase your understanding. Thus, you will be able to continue practicing Feng Shui in your home and office long after the consultation is over.
Clutter Clearing Consultation: The first law of Feng Shui in the home or office is ClearYour Clutter! Clutter blocks the natural flow of chi and stagnates your opportunities. In a Feng Shui Clutter Clearing session, Beth assists you in creating order out of chaos, and teaches you Feng Shui principles of maintaining balance in your environment.
Electric Pollution Solution: "Dirty Electricity" or ElectroMagnetic Frequency (EMF) is an invisible toxin generated by our modern technology through cell phone towers, overhead electrical wires, electrical sub-stations, as well as all the computer equipment, appliances, and electrical devices in your home and office. 

Dirty electricity plays a role in a variety of health problems, including insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, body aches, memory loss, cancer, ADD/ADHD, multiple sclerosis, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, and tinnitus. Reducing dirty electricity allows the immune system to function more optimally and facilitates greater health, well-being, and safety in your environment.

Beth makes many suggestions on how you can reduce EMF toxicity in your home and office, using simple, no-cost solutions, as well as low-cost and higher cost remedies.
Selling Your Home Faster with Feng Shui: If you are preparing your home for sale, Beth can make Feng Shui recommendations that will make your property more appealing to potential buyers and help it sell faster.
Dowsing Your Property: Dowsing is an aspect of Feng Shui that has been used for thousands of years. Having your property dowsed reduces or eliminates manmade negative energies, such as electromagnetic stress from electronic equipment, high voltage wires, and cellular transmission towers. Dowsing also relieves geopathic (earth-made) stress, such as underground running water, underground cavities, and fault lines. Thus, the energies are balanced, resulting in improved health and safety.
Beth dowses your property and creates a diagram of the negative energy lines intersecting your home. Dowsing rods are then buried to neutralize these harmful energies; however, the rods do not interfere with your landscaping or sprinkler system. Additionally, special rods may be placed inside your house according to the ancient Egyptian Method.
Beth is always available for on-going telephone or in-person consultations, and she enjoys hearing about the changes you experience in your life after you have applied her recommendations.
You can contact Beth at:

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