Path of Chi Feng Shui - Beth A. Kuper
"Beth completed an amazing session of Feng Shui on my townhouse using both the Bagua and the Five Elements. She has an eye for rearranging what I already had in the house, so it wouldn't cost much to implement the "cures," 
many of which we did right on the spot! The changes I made are a constant reinforcement of the goals I have and what I value in my life. I was surprised to learn how the principles are so in alignment with how I work with my clients. What a fun gift to me! Thank you, Beth."
Susan Osborn, Boulder CO

"When I opened my business, I hired Beth to come in and help me set it up so that energy would flow smoothly through the office and that we would attract just the new kinds of energy we wanted to have in a successful place of business. I found Beth to be fun, knowledgeable and very, very helpful in accomplishing our Feng Shui goals! I would highly recommend her!"
Stacia Roberts, Owner, Boulder, CO
The Massage Collective - Boulder Massage & NeuroMuscular Therapy

"I have great news in that I have already moved furniture and will be getting the kitchen painted as well as some other changes I am making in the cottage.  Your consultation got the energy moving in new directions for sure and opening up new relationships, opportunities and abundance!  Thank you again for the Feng Shui consultation." 
Elizabeth Joy Mueller, Boulder, CO

"Your home is amazingly peaceful and rejuvenating. I personally hold a lot of stress in my heart chakra... but when we walked into your house, I felt so light. The stress in my heart seemed like it melted away in an instant. You are truly gifted in Feng Shui -- whatever you have surrounded your home with is working!"
Meg O'Morrow, Lafayette, CO
"You're like opening a door of organization that I've never seen before!"
Bella Weber, Boulder, CO

"Beth was supportive and understanding of my fears about releasing my possessions. My Art Studio was so full of clutter I couldn't even move in the room, much less create. Now, the space is open and airy and organized and I can't wait to dive into some projects there."
Rosemary O'Connor, Boulder, CO 

"Thank you so much for visiting my home and giving me such great ideas to incorporate. You are a very special friend and have such wonderful ideas. I hope can follow through on them and that it will help bring me peace and joy in my life. Thanks so much!
Love, Harriet"
Harriet Klapper, Longmont, CO

"Beth, you must have been Chinese in your last lifetime!"
Trung Lam, Vallejo, CA 

"I really appreciated how you didn't make anything wrong. You tailored my reading based on my individual lifestyle. I came home and worked on her Feng Shui cures from 2 in the afternoon until 3 in the morning. I've been clearing and purging like mad! Thanks again for everything."
Canyon Sam, San Francisco, CA 

"Beth, you have a lot of knowledge of Feng Shui and I admire you very much. Bless you, Beth. With much appreciation. . ."
Alma Crovatt, Oakland, CA 


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