Path of Chi Feng Shui - Beth A. Kuper
About Beth
Beth Kuper has studied with Feng Shui masters and teachers since 1992 and has been consulting since 1996 utilizing Black Hat Sect Feng Shui. She delights in teaching you to “see with Feng Shui eyes” so you can read the symbols you have created in your environment and apply appropriate cures in areas of disharmony.
The most influential of Beth's teachers include:
Beth is always available for on-going telephone or in-person consultations, and she enjoys hearing about the changes you experience after you have applied her recommendations.
You can contact Beth at:
"Your home is amazingly peaceful and rejuvenating. I personally hold a lot of stress in my heart chakra... but when we walked into your house, I felt so light. The stress in my heart seemed like it melted away in an instant. You are truly gifted in Feng Shui -- whatever you have surrounded your home with is working!"
Meg O'Morrow, Lafayette, CO
"I really appreciated how you didn't make anything wrong. You tailored my reading based on my individual lifestyle. I came home and worked on her Feng Shui cures from 2 in the afternoon until 3 in the morning. I've been clearing and purging like mad! Thanks again for everything."
Canyon Sam, San Francisco, CA
"Beth, you have a lot of knowledge of Feng Shui and I admire you very much. Bless you, Beth. With much appreciation. . ."
Alma Crovatt, Oakland, CA
"You're like opening a door of organization that I've never seen before!"
Bella Weber, Twice Partners! at Re/Max Alliance, Boulder, CO
"Beth was supportive and understanding of my fears about releasing my possessions. My Art Studio was so full of clutter I couldn't even move in the room, much less create. Now, the space is open and airy and organized and I can't wait to dive into some projects there."
Rosemary O'Connor, Boulder, CO
"Beth, you must have been Chinese in your last lifetime!"
Trung Lam, Vallejo, CA
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